Certified Reflexologist 2014

In Reflexology, there are specific contact points on the feet (and hands and ears) that correspond with various other parts of the body.  When appropriate pressure is applied to a specific contact point, an action potential is created to allow energy to better flow to the corresponding part.  Reflexology is generally performed on bare feet (the practitioner will wear surgical gloves upon request), and can be best described as a very thorough, intense foot massage.

A one hour Reflexology session, with reiki, by appointment only:  $40

(Holiday Special Gift Certificates Two for $75)



Certified Reiki Master Level II (2014)

In Reiki, the practitioner directs energy to specific spots within the body, either by hovering the hands slightly off the body or gently resting the hands directly at various spots.  There is no massage or touching of any “awkward parts”, and you will remain fully clothed.  Reiki can be helpful with current and unresolved old issues.

A one hour Reiki session, by appointment only:  $40

(Holiday Special Gift Certificates Two for $75)

Animal Reiki:

Animal Reiki Practitioner (2016)

Animal Reiki is the same as human Reiki, just performed with your companion animal(s).  It can be used on domestic, wild, zoo, shelter animals of all kinds. 

Animal Reiki is performed at a location where the animal feels safe; I’m happy to come to you for animal Reiki.  A session can last up to an hour:  $25 local, multiple animal discount.


Reiki Infused Bracelets in crystal, copper, hematite (magnet), various mineral beads, infused with Reiki.  Custom orders welcomed (birthstones with healing crystals or metals, “mother’s” with family birthstone crystals…)

$9 each or three for $25.